100 Days of Bhajan Lal Sharma Goverment

The Bhajan Lal Sharma government in Rajasthan has entered an action mode even. Chief Minister Bhajan Lal Sharma, in a meeting with education department officials, has prepared a 100-day action plan for the education department. Under this plan, tasks in the education department will include recruitment for vacant positions, teachers’ transfers, promotions in the education department, online admissions, tablet and cycle distribution. Additionally, fulfilling the promises made in the BJP’s election manifesto, including opening new schools, is planned to be completed within the 100-day deadline.

Key Initiatives by Bhajan Lal Government in the Next 100 Days:

  1. Recruitment Drive for Teaching Positions:
    • Over the next 90 days, appointments for 18,484 teaching positions, including Lecturers, Senior Teachers, Senior Physical Education Teachers, Laboratory Assistants, and Basic Computer Instructors, will be issued.
  2. Promotions in Education Services:
    • In the next 100 days, amendments to the Education Service Rules will be made to promote over 18,000 department employees to the post of Deputy Director.
  3. Recruitment for Vacant Positions:
    • In the next 30 days, applications will be invited for all vacant positions in all categories, including Lecturers and Senior Teachers.
  4. Repositioning of Surplus Teachers:
    • In the next 100 days, surplus teachers will be repositioned, and vacant positions will be filled.
  5. Distribution of Cycles:
    • Within the next 90 days, around 7,31,163 needy students studying in government schools in Rajasthan will be provided with cycles.
  6. Online Admission Initiation:
    • In the next 60 days, the process of starting online admissions at Mahatma Gandhi English Medium School will be initiated.
  7. Tablet and Laptop Distribution:
    • Within the next 60 days, tenders will be initiated to provide tablets and laptops to meritorious students who have passed the 12th grade.
  8. Drafting Transfer Policy:
    • In the next 30 days, a draft of the transfer policy will be prepared for teachers eagerly awaiting transfers in Rajasthan.
  9. Special Committee for Contractual Employees:
    • Within the next 60 days, a special committee will be formed to address the issues of contractual teachers and employees in the education department.
  10. Salary Increase for Recognized Teachers:
  • Within the next 90 days, teachers in Rajasthan who have been honored at the national level will see an increase in their salaries.
  1. Awareness Workshops for Girls:
  • In the next 30 days, workshops will be organized in Rajasthan’s government and private schools for girls in classes 3 to 8 to raise awareness about hygiene and sanitation.
  1. Recruitment Process for PM Shri Schools:
  • In the next 90 days, the recruitment process for vacant positions in 402 PM Shri Schools will be initiated, along with the approval of new positions starting from the primary class, and workbooks and textbooks will be made available.
  1. Commencement of Cycle Distribution:
  • Starting on February 14th next year, the distribution of cycles to girls in Jaipur will commence on the occasion of Basant Panchami.

The Bhajan Lal government is focusing on rapid and impactful changes in the education sector to fulfill its promises and improve the overall quality of education in Rajasthan.