Nishchal Mittal

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) recently announced the results of the Indian Economic Service (IES) 2023 examination. Nischal Mittal, a resident of Bayana, Bharatpur, Rajasthan, secured the All India Rank 1 in this examination. Currently employed as an Authorized Officer at a Swiss Bank in Mumbai, Mittal has achieved a remarkable feat through his hard work and dedication. His success not only brings pride to himself but also shines a light on his family and the entire town.

Preparing alongside a job:

Nischal Mittal’s achievement as the All India topper has brought joy not only to his family and friends but has created a celebratory atmosphere in the entire town of Bayana. Mittal completed his post-graduation in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics and qualified for the NET-JRF. He shared that he managed to prepare for the examination while working, dedicating time from his job to his study routine. With a strong interest in economics from the beginning, Mittal dreamt of becoming an IES officer and, with group study and online content, he made steady progress in his preparation. His hard work paid off, and he realized his dreams.

From an electronics shop owner’s son to an IES officer:

Nischal Mittal’s father, Shashi Mittal, runs an electronics shop in Bayana, while his mother, Kusum Mittal, is a homemaker. Nischal’s journey from being the son of an ordinary family to achieving success showcases the power of hard work and determination. His entire family is feeling a sense of pride for his significant accomplishment. Mittal has proven that even in challenging circumstances, one can achieve any dream with dedication. He has become an inspiration for the coming generations.

Joy expressed by Nischal’s family:

Shashi Mittal, Nischal’s father, mentioned that Nischal was a sharp and intelligent child from his early years, showing a keen interest in studies. The family is extremely proud that their son has secured the first position across the country. Nischal’s sister added that he was mischievous in childhood but always hardworking, helping others in need. The family expresses immense joy at Nischal’s remarkable achievement.

In conclusion, Nischal Mittal’s journey from a small town to becoming the All India Topper in the IES examination is a testament to his perseverance and hard work. His success not only brings personal satisfaction but also elevates the name of his family and hometown. Nischal’s story serves as an inspiration for many aspiring individuals, proving that with determination, any dream can be realized. Nischal believed that with faith in the mind, no goal is too difficult. “I studied with better time management along with my job and studied regularly with the help of group studies and online content, and today I achieved success with the blessings of my parents,” said the IES topper.