Historical Gates in bhatapur

Bharatpur, a city with a rich historical and cultural heritage, is known for its historical gates that stand as remnants of its glorious past. Here are some notable historical gates in Bharatpur:

  1. Kumher Gate:
    • Entrance from the main road connecting Kumher town in the west.
  2. Anah Gate:
    • Connects to Anah village, located a short distance from the bus stand.
  3. Neemda Gate:
    • The northern entrance to the old city.
  4. Atal Bandh Gate:
    • Marks the entrance to the traffic-free road leading to Keoladeo National Park, near Shri Ganesh Mandir.
  5. Benarayan Gate (Laxmi Narayan Gate):
    • Main entrance to the old city from the east.
  6. Mathura Gate:
    • Located on the southern side, named after the nearby city of Mathura. Plays a strategic role in controlling city access.
  7. Surajpol Gate:
    • Constructed by Maharaja Suraj Mal, near Lohagarh Fort, reflecting historical importance.
  8. Jhaghina Gate:
    • A smaller gate with traditional architecture, situated near Jhaghina Village.
  9. Goverdhan Gate:
    • Located near the holy town of Goverdhan, serving as a gateway for pilgrims and travelers.
  10. Delhi Gate:
    • Marks the entrance from Delhi on the western side, showcasing grand structure and historical significance.
  11. Basan Gate (Basi Gate):
    • Located near the grain market, played a vital role in the city’s economic activities.
  12. Chandpol Gate:
    • Prominent historical landmark and entrance to the old city, featuring massive size and intricate carvings.

These gates not only serve as entry points but also contribute to the historical and cultural identity of Bharatpur, reflecting the grandeur of its past.

Exploring these gates isn’t just about delving into history; it’s about experiencing the vibrant life that unfolds around them. Witness daily routines, soak in the local atmosphere, and let your imagination transport you to a bygone era.