Deepesh Kumari: A Tale of Resilience and Triumph in Bharatpur

In a remarkable journey marked by determination and resilience, Deepesh Kumari of Bharatpur, Rajasthan, secured the 93rd rank in the UPSC 2021 exams, achieving the prestigious title of an IAS officer despite facing adverse circumstances.

Hailing from a modest background, Deepesh’s father, Govind, sustains the family by selling snacks from a handcart, while her mother, Usha, manages the household. Deepesh’s educational journey began in Bharatpur, leading her to pursue a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering at MBM Engineering College, Jodhpur, and later an M.Tech from IIT Mumbai through a fellowship in engineering.

Govind, who has tirelessly peddled chaats and pakodas for 26 years, celebrated the culmination of a lifetime of hard work when Deepesh’s UPSC results were announced. The family’s journey, though marked by struggles, is a testament to the triumph of perseverance.

Deepesh, the eldest among her siblings, was consistently encouraged by her mother, whose unwavering support proved to be the driving force during her UPSC journey. Despite the challenges, her mother’s bravery became the anchor that propelled Deepesh forward.

The Kumari family has seen academic excellence across their children, with Deepesh’s younger sister pursuing a medical career and her brothers enrolled in prestigious MBBS programs. Deepesh herself demonstrated academic prowess from an early age, scoring exceptionally well in her tenth and twelfth-grade exams.

Following a brief stint in the corporate world after completing her M.Tech, Deepesh decided to dedicate herself to preparing for the UPSC exams. Despite facing setbacks in her initial attempt, she persisted and, after two tries, secured the 93rd overall rank. Mathematics, her optional subject, contributed significantly to her success, earning her an impressive score in the interview.

Deepesh’s UPSC preparations began in 2019, initially in Delhi, but the pandemic forced her to continue her studies from home. Her journey serves as an inspiration, breaking down barriers that suggest financial constraints limit one’s potential. Deepesh Kumari’s story is a testament to the belief that with determination and courage, individuals can overcome challenges and achieve greatness, regardless of their financial background.