Subhash Garg

Dr. Subhash Garg (born 15 August 1959) is an Indian politician . He is Member of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly from Bharatpur Assembly constituency (2018-2024). He is a politician of the Rashtriya Lok Dal.

The life history and journey of Prof. Subhash Garg are nothing short of inspiring and exemplary. Born in Bharatpur, he embarked on a promising professional journey that extended far beyond the boundaries of a conventional college lecturer in commerce. His dedication to various causes and unwavering commitment to quality education set him apart.

Starting as a lecturer, Prof. Subhash Garg’s deep concern for quality education led him to become actively involved in addressing the concerns of both teachers and students. His involvement in the Rajasthan Teachers’ Association highlighted his crusade for teachers’ rights. His passion for education culminated in his appointment as the Chairman of the Rajasthan Secondary Education Board, where his contributions were widely appreciated.

In the field of commerce, Prof. Garg made significant contributions as an academician, prolific researcher, and an administrator par excellence. His role as Joint Secretary at the Indian Commerce Association played a crucial part in shaping the organization. His democratic leadership, problem-solving skills, pleasant demeanor, and optimistic attitude contributed to the remarkable growth of the association.

As the Dean at IIS University, Jaipur, Prof. Subhash Garg established the Center for Research, Innovation, and Training (CRIT), focusing on fostering research and development not only within Rajasthan but across India. The center conducted high-quality research projects, faculty development programs, and training sessions, becoming a sought-after hub for research acumen.

His love for his native land, Bharatpur, remained unwavering. Prof. Subhash Garg, committed to the prosperity of his people, entered politics and won the State elections as an MLA from Bharatpur. His innovative initiatives like ‘MERA GAON MERA GAURAV’ and ‘TALK WITH YOUTH’ aimed at channelizing energies and ideas to build a modern Bharatpur with traditional values.

His dedication earned him the position of an Independent charge of the Technical Education Ministry in the Rajasthan government. Prof. Subhash Garg’s vision, tireless efforts, and commitment to growth and prosperity indicate a positive change in Rajasthan’s education sector. His ability to execute proficiently and his unflinching spirit make him a commendable leader deserving of respect and admiration.